Krylya Sovetov
FC Arsenal

Liga de Rusia
Jornada 2

21 julio, 05:00 pm

Cosmos Arena
Rusia, Samara

C121 C521 C122 C123 C124 B126 B527 B528 B529 B530 B419 B420 B421 B422 B531 B532 B423 A501 B424 B127 B128 B129 B130 C125 C120 C119 C118 D116 D115 D114 D113 D112 A110 A109 A103 A106 A A102 A101 A111 C117 MEDIA VIP Cat.1 Sky Box Cat.3 Cat.1 Premium Cat.4 Cat.2 C520 C522 C523 C524 C417 C416 C415 C414 C413 C412 C525 B526 B418 C519 C518 D515 D411 D410 D409 D408 D514 D513 D512 D511 A508 A507 A407 A406 A405 A404 A403 A402 A401 A503 A502 D510 A509 C517 D516 107 A 108 A 105 A 104 Sky Box S311-S320 VVIP Sky Box S301-S310 B366 B365 B364 B363 B362 B361 B360 B359 B358 Sky Box S301-S310 D321 D322 D323 D324 D325 D326 D327 D328 D329
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