AC Milan

The Italian Championship
30 Tour

5 April, 09:00 pm

Stadio Olimpico
Italy, Rome

Cat.2 Cat.3 Cat.1 Cat.1 Premium 47A 48A 49AD 49AS 50AD 50AS 51AD 51AS 52A 52B 2BD 2BC 2BS 3BD 3BS TOS 50B 51B 49B 48B 47B 20A 19A 18AS 18AD 17AS 17AD 16AS 16AD 15A 21AD 21AS 22AD 22AS 23AD 23AS 25A 21B 22B 23B 20B 19B 18B 17B 16B 15B 11BS 11BD 46B 45B 44B 43B 46AS 46AD 45AS 45AD 44AS 44AD 43A 44B 42AL 40AS 40BS 39BS 40AD 40BD 39BC 39BD 37AS 37AD 37BD 35BS 35BD 32BS 32BD 34AS 34BS 30BS 30BD 30AS 34AD 34BD 30AD 27AS 27AD 27BS 28BS 27BC 28BC 27BD 28BD 37BS 42AD 38AD 4BD 4AD 4AS 5AD 5AS 5AL 5SD 12SS 12AL 12AD 12AS 13AD 13AS 4BS 5BD 5BS 5BL TAS TAC AUC TOC TSC TCD OLD OLS TAD 12BL 12BD 12BS 13BD 13BS 36AS 36AD 33AS 33AD 29AS 29AD 26AS 25AS 25AL 10BS 10BC 10BD TOD
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